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Halogen Light Bulbs

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Halogen floodlights cast a brighter, crispier and whiter light, which is perfect for the outdoors. These light bulbs last 2 to 5 times as long as standard incandescent lamps, you won't be burdened to change bulbs in difficult to reach outdoor fixtures as often. Halogen lights have other benefits too.

Halogen lamps may not be ideal for every homeowner, as they cost an average of 3 to 4 times as much and don't emit that warm light of a standard household bulb we're accustomed to. Halogen light bulbs have an intense glare and need to be shaded or directed so the filament is not in the line of sight.

Bright Benefits of Halogen Light Bulbs:

  • Halogen lamps are 10-20% less expensive to operate than standard incandescent bulbs and will last almost twice as long
  • Halogen bulbs emit a pure white light which make them ideal for a lot of lighting applications
  • The halogen lamps bright light reduces eyestrain while reading and other activities that require intense concentration
  • Emit close to 94% of its original light output as opposed to incandescent lamp's mere 84%.
  • MR16 light bulbs are used in display lighting. They highlight paintings, photos, jewelry or other items that need to appear vibrant. Halogen light bulbs allow you to pinpoint focus. If you use standard incandescent light bulbs for general lighting in the same area, it heightens the effect of halogens even more.

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