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250 Watt HPS - Metal Halide HID Grow Light Sun System 2 - 900503

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250W High Pressure Sodium / MH Switchable Plant Fixture

The Sun System 2 by Sunlight Supply 250 Watt switchable grow light fixture is perfect for medium sized indoor garden areas. It covers a 3' x 3' growing area. The 250W Sun System 2 can operate a hps or metal halide bulb by simply flipping a switch.

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 Manufacturer: Sunlight Supply Inc  Family: Grow Lights  Model Part: 250W Sun System 2
 Order #: 900503  Wattage: 250 Watt  Lamps: Sold Separately
 Lumen HPS: 29,000 Approx  Glass: Sold Separately  Ballast Type: Switchable
 Lumen MH: 20,500 Approx  Housing: Steel Powder Coated  Screw Base: Mogul E39
 Chrome Hangers: Included  On/Off Switch: Included  Length (in): 22.50"
 Power Cord: 8 ft 3 Prong  Cooling : Air Cooled  Width (in): 12.75"
 Warranty: 5 Year  Price Shown: Per Fixture  Height: 7.50"


National Garden Wholesale Sunlight Supply Horticulture

Sunlight Supply (National Garden Wholesale) is the leader in horticulture growing lights and fixtures. Most of Sunlight grow lights ship within one to two business days. We have this unit drop shipped by the manufacture for quicker shipping. They have 7 warehouses located in Washington, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Southern California, Central California and Northern California.

  • Model: 900503
  • Product is [Available] with 49995 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Sunlight Supply
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  • Condition: New
  • Category: Metal Halide Grow Lights
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